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Carrie Lam’s Love

I’ve come across this article and found it worthsharing to the world.
嘴裡說疫情,心裡想選情,像極了愛情 – 劉偉程

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Title: Talking about the Pandemic, Thinking about the Poll, like love.

Carrie The Mom said at a press conference last Friday about the Legislative Council delay:

“I live with the epidemic every day, and I don’t have time to care about the election." (Carrie, 2020)

Believe her, she didn’t lie. In the past few days, from the view point on how CCP central government granted all requests of the Hong Kong government, how resources are contributed by them, how our mother country loves Hong Kong people as herself, sending the best experts to help us, blah blah blah, it can be read as that the government has made up its mind to convert the pandemic to vote for the Pro-Beijing camp. Handling the COVID-19 is the same as handling the election, so why bother to distinguish?

Remember the SARS in 2003? The catastrophe that claimed 299 lives. Trace back to the source and we can see, it was CCP government’s delay in reporting the epidemic. Even after the diagnosed entered Hong Kong and spreaded the virus, Hong Kong could not respond immediately. By the time there was an outbreak in the community, everything was too late. From then, no matter how tough our citizens were and how committed our medical and nursing staff were, there left a bloodstain in Hong Kong’s history.

Years passed, when it comes to SARS, see what is the official comment?官方的輿輪風向是甚麼?

“In 2003 SARS, the central government quickly delivered medical supplies. The care and concern of the central government moved us very much." (Tong Jianhua, who was the chief executive during the SARS epidemic and is now the vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, 2017)

Does it look like a husband with gambling debts? It made the whole family restless, and he is still telling his wife, “Hey, honey, remember at that time the creditor came to the door? I tried to go out to block it! How brave was I!"

It’s like love.

Now, this dear friend is performing the same trick again.

The severeness of the pandemic in Hong Kong is a fact. However, the 500 hospital beds in the community treatment facilities of the Hospital Authority are already in place. If the government is willing to help, it is absolutely feasible to add reverse triage facilities. The current 500 hospital beds are prepared by the Hospital Authority. What did the government do? You don’t know, I don’t know, nobody knows.

All I know is that the government will have a line in the future. Carrie may sneer and say, “Oh, the 500 beds provided by the HA will be overloaded. I’m more than familiar with it. Let me tell you this: “We cannot rely on HA to make more. Luckily we have strong support from the central government, so two temporary hospitals will be set up!"

In fact, based on various media reports, the location and scale of the two temporary hospitals have been determined. The CCP party is so efficient.

Temporary hospital, why? There is news again. Member in the government said that we must be careful and prepared for the fourth wave of epidemics and winter flu. Therefore, instead of taking precautions about preventing the epidemic, such as preparing for how to operate the social protocol, how to work flexibly, how to arrange online operations, they are building a temporary hospital and wait for the outbreak.

Not to mention the winter flu, more than ample studies have shown that when people have hign awareness of infection prevention, the outbreak of the flu season will be greatly curbed.

In other words, when the number of flu surged every year in the past, why didn’t the government set up a temporary hospital? Such government is either extremely stupid, or it treats the people as extremely stupid. It is not difficult to imagine that in a few years, Carrie will be interviewed, and will be like TUNG before. Oh, how difficult we were back then, fortunately we have all support from the central government!

Don’t forget the national COVID-19 testing. Experts said wholeheartedly that at this point the national testing results are of limited reference value. However, the government didn’t listen at all. Two days ago, “Wen Wei Po", a pro-Beijing newspaper, said the whole population should be tested. Then today news is the government is looking for a place to build a laboratory.

Does this farce sound familar to you? Have you ever experienced that your boyfriend bought you a gift and you didn’t like it, then he lost his temper?

He did not want to please you. What he wanted is him offering and you receving, like charity.

I am not here to deny all support. Increasing the amount of testing is great. With the procedures and standards guaranteed, it can alleviate the burden on Department of Health’s laboratories. What I want to emphasise is that national testing is not necessary. Adding temporary hospitals is a good idea, if it’s under the leadership of the Hospital Authority. It is also suggested to expand the reverse triage. However, does Carrie Lam or CCP need to “speak up" each time for these to come true?

One drama after another, seems this is nothing more than paving the way to rewrite HK’s future history, to turn the sadist into offeror, and to win over some people who don’t know the truth, and the votes will naturally be in favour of the Pro-Beijing camp.

What’s more if next year’s election prediction is not as they wished, sure there will be more tactics yet to come.

The pandemic and political situation have paining Hong Kong people to the bone. Nevertheless, what hurt us the most is that there exists such a regime that distorted the truth and used the pandemic for their own good. And she would claim it is you who conspire and politicized matter.

Do you think it looks like love?
P.S. “像極了愛情" “Very similar to love" is a Sino quote, and a meme, aimed to teach people how to write so-called poetry.






















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